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About me.

Malo e eleli My name is Vaha from pt england school. I am a year 7 and I am 12 year old this year. My culture is Tongan and American. I have 4 brothers and sisters in my family. My favourite things to  do are playing sports, art, Maths, reading, writing, watching wwe, and playing Xbox. 

I was born in the U.S.A United States America . I moved to New Zealand in 2013. 

The thing I like to eat are kfc. My mum and dad are best at speaking in Tongan.  My teacher is Mr moran . I have lots of friends that like to play sports like (rugby) (rippa rugby) (softball) and more.   I always try my best to learn.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please leave a comment on my blog. BYE!!!!!!!!!.