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Make It Work – DLO

Task Description: greetings to you all welcome to my blog and it’s me Vaha, For today’s  task we make a movie for guys, the movie today is all about the inquiry theme called (make it work). so basically for make it work we have to make something that’s useful for the school. So what we make for our was a (shoe rack). My reflection about making shoe rack good experience cause making a shoe rack requires teamwork and help. watch the video for more info.


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When Things go Wrong.

Hi visitors welcome to my blog for today’s task i learned what to do when sometime go wrong,like for example if someone commented on your blog a very unkind comment tell a trusted person about it like a teacher so that’s the kind of stuff learnt today. Thank you for visiting my blog leave a POSITIVE comment thank you.

Inference – Surprise Birthday Party.


Flies hovered around the kitchen, looking for a suitable place to land.

Mrs Stevens carefully opened the hot oven and took out the two dozen small cakes inside. They were to be part of a surprise birthday party for her son, who would be home soon from school. After cooling the cakes by the open window, she began to decorate them with icing, cream and ‘hundreds and thousands’. Then she put them onto a large serving plate and took them to the dining table where she covered them with a brightly embroidered cloth over the cakes.


On the table were six cups and a similar number of knives, forks and serviettes. A birthday card with a picture on the front of a large cake with ten candles burning brightly sat at one end of the jarrah table.


Rain began to drip slowly down the drainpipe outside as Mrs Stevens removed her apron and hurried outside to the utility in the tin shed. Soon she was speeding down the rough and bumpy road to the bus stop. She was just in time to see a happy looking Shane waving goodbye to Mrs Johnson, the bus driver. Two minutes later he was even happier as he was joined by his unexpected guests at the dining table while Mrs Stevens began to make preparations in the kitchen for the evening meal.


  1. The name of the boy celebrating his birthday was?



  1. Why do you think the boy’s mother placed a cloth over the cakes?

Because of the flies 


  1. This story took place at about (9, 11, 1, 4, 7) o’clock?

7 o’clock


  1. How many surprise guests were at the party? 

6 people.


  1. Why did Mrs Stevens open the oven carefully?

Cause to hot


  1. How old was the boy turning on his birthday?

10 years old


  1. lt was raining heavily on the boy’s birthday True OR False? 



  1. Mrs Stevens was late for the bus True OR False?



  1. Write the words in the story which tell you the answer to question 8

“She was just in time to see a happy looking shane waving goodbye to Mrrs johnson , the bus driver.”


  1. What did Mrs Stevens use to cool the cakes?

She open the window and used the air outside to cool the cake down 


  1. Why did she have to cool the cakes?

The air 


  1. How many seconds did it take to drive home from the bus stop?

120 seconds .

The big idea.

Hi my name is Vaha and for today task we were reading a book called (taonga) well reading the story, I realise the story  is actually mostly about what’s special to you.

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