E5 Adding 10’s and 1’s.

Use your topic book to do the working out for these problems.  Take a photo and insert it into the table next to the problem.


Question Working Out Answer
Miss King had $23 in her piggy bank, she wanted to buy a rugby ball that was $68.  How much more does she need to save? 23-68=45 $45
Mr Goodwin had 34 apples, he wanted 88 apples.  How much more apples does he need to get? 34-88=54 apple  54
Hannah had 32$ she wanted to buy a barbie doll that cost 76$.  How much more does she need to save?


There were 13 children in our class, we have a class of 56.  How many more children do we need to come to school to have a full class? 13-56=43 children  43
There were 34 chairs in the pavilion, we needed 97 altogether.  How much more do we need? 34-97=63 chairs  63
Et? Mr S had $25, he wanted to buy a comic book that was $78.  How much more did he need? 25-78=53$ 53


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